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News Articles - 07 07 2016

School Trustees - Thrown in the deep end? by Stewart Russell

Many school trustees that are voted on for the first time are probably wondering what they should do next. In this article Stewart talks about the responsibilities of being elected to your school's Board of Trustees.

News Articles - 23 06 2016

The taxman cometh (and other interesting developments) by Eddie Aickin

“IRD has found that for every $1 spent on tax investigator salaries, they can collect on average $70 in underpaid taxes”.

News Articles - 09 06 2016

Thinking of going self-employed? by guest writer Pete Hill

Our guest writer, Pete Hill, shares some common questions, and misconceptions about being self-employed.

News Articles - 26 05 2016

AIM - The proposed new way to pay provisional tax by Dale Adamson

AIM, which stands for Accounting Income Method, is seen as a major component of proposals outlined in the Governments Making Tax Simpler paper to make more timely payment methods for some provisional tax payers.

News Articles - 17 05 2016

Sci-Fi Tech Today by Alison Lemon

Cloud accounting is fast becoming the way of the future and many small and medium sized businesses have either adopted or are looking very closely with a view to adopting a cloud based accounting solution. At PKF we enjoy providing recommendations, support and training to our clients to help them embrace new technology

News Articles - 17 05 2016

Making tax Simpler! by Dale Adamson

Making tax simpler - is it possible? The Government believes so and issued its first Green Paper in March 2015 seeking public feedback. Last month a new document was released "Better Business Tax" and submissions on this paper close on 30 May 2016. In this article Dale highlights the proposals which are intended to help small businesses by modernising and simplifying the tax administration system.

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