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News Articles - 17 05 2018

BUDGET 2018: A “rebuild” or a budget of “broken promises”?

The blathering is over! Does the first Labour budget honour the promises it made to voters? Does it try to keep the business community onside?

News Articles - 24 08 2017

PKF Asia Pacific Regional Meeting in Queenstown September 2017

Our 2017 regional meeting will take place in Wanaka, New Zealand from Wednesday 27th September to Saturday 30th September. Wanaka is in the South Island of New Zealand near Queenstown, about an hours drive from Queenstown airport.

News Articles - 17 08 2017

Rogue Letter in Circulation

If you have a NZ Registered Company, you may have received a letter similar to this in the mail. Please do not respond to this letter or pay any money as it is fraudulent. If you are unsure about any company correspondence that you receive, please don’t hesitate to contact your local PKF office.

News Articles - 24 07 2017

IRD Random Audits – are you prepared?

If your business or individual return is subject to a random audit, enquiry, investigation or review their will be additional charges involved for us to liaise with the Inland Revenue, research their questions and provide responses etc. In some cases, when there are complex environments, unusual circumstances, multiple years or multiple companies and trusts, these costs could add up quickly. In order to mitigate the cost to your business of an unexpected IRD audit, enquiry, investigation or review we are offering our clients Audit Shield Master insurance.

News Articles - 18 07 2017

Fringe Benefit Tax Calculation for Close Companies

Close companies that provide their shareholder-employees with a motor vehicle for private use are required to register and pay FBT on that benefit, with some exemptions. On the other hand, sole-traders and partners of a partnership who use a motor vehicle as part of their business are not required to register and pay FBT on that motor vehicle.

News Articles - 11 07 2017

Don’t forget to consider your tax cashflow

Typically, this is the time of the year when businesses have terminal tax payments falling due (largely February or April depending on your circumstances), along with the final instalment of 2017 provisional tax for March balance dates due in May, the financial year end can put a lot of pressure on a business’s cashflow.

News Articles - 04 07 2017

Buying or selling – keep your business information confidential

When it comes time to put a business on the market, it is likely that there will be a number of prospective purchasers interested in finding out more about the business and potentially conducting due diligence investigations.

News Articles - 03 07 2017

Handshakes not enough when it comes to commercial leases!

There are countless cases of business owners striking trouble when it comes down to leases for property. While our nature is often to accept a verbal proposal and build on a connection or acquaintance we have made in order to ‘strike a deal’, this approach leaves too much room for misunderstanding and can have serious consequences for business owners.

News Articles - 16 02 2017

IRD catches up to 21st Century by Stewart Russell

The IRD are phasing in new computer systems, beginning with the GST module. Stewart explains how this will work in his latest article.

News Articles - 02 02 2017

Control the cash by Dale Adamson

Following on from our last article Dale talks about the components that make up working capital and how these will affect the on-going availability of cash.

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