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News Articles - 10 11 2016

Motor vehicle expense claims by Dale Adamson

Claims for vehicle expenses for income tax and GST are a complicated area, and not fully understood by many taxpayers. In this article Dale Adamson provides an analysis of the rules.

News Articles - 27 10 2016

Kaitaia's latest crop of entrepreneurs by Stewart Russell

Far North REAP's "Start Up" programme was designed to help locals interested in starting their own businesses.

News Articles - 13 10 2016

30 years of GST by Dale Adamson

Our GST is regarding as one of the purest forms of tax in the world. The key is its simplicity.

News Articles - 29 09 2016

Challenges for family-owned businesses by Eddie Aickin

with many baby boomers wanting to retire or slow down, business ownership and management succession is becoming a widespread challenge....

News Articles - 15 09 2016

Core values - the face of your business by Dale Adamson

Core values are the principles that guide an organisation's internal and external behavior - the glue that holds an organisation together. We leave the fingerprint of our values on everything we do.

News Articles - 15 07 2016

Overseas Income Causing Tax Headaches by Jancy Stott

International tax laws are complex and the way they're applied can depend on taxpayers' specific circumstances and the different jurisdictions involved.

News Articles - 07 07 2016

School Trustees - Thrown in the deep end? by Stewart Russell

Many school trustees that are voted on for the first time are probably wondering what they should do next. In this article Stewart talks about the responsibilities of being elected to your school's Board of Trustees.

News Articles - 23 06 2016

The taxman cometh (and other interesting developments) by Eddie Aickin

“IRD has found that for every $1 spent on tax investigator salaries, they can collect on average $70 in underpaid taxes”.

News Articles - 09 06 2016

Thinking of going self-employed? by guest writer Pete Hill

Our guest writer, Pete Hill, shares some common questions, and misconceptions about being self-employed.

News Articles - 26 05 2016

AIM - The proposed new way to pay provisional tax by Dale Adamson

AIM, which stands for Accounting Income Method, is seen as a major component of proposals outlined in the Governments Making Tax Simpler paper to make more timely payment methods for some provisional tax payers.

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