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News Articles - 07 01 2020

Start the new year off right

Want to change things up in the new year? Set a landmark in your calendar (maybe EOFY!) to start on your new goal and you’ve set the groundwork for the Fresh Start Effect. #goalsetting #productivity

News Articles - 21 10 2019

School Trustees - thrown in the deep end?

New trustees face a steep learning curve as they get to know the job and the new responsibilities they are taking on. But don’t panic - trustees are not expected to be experts in teaching, education, employment law, finances or health and safety. Most of the work which they are responsbile for will be delegated to the principal, who in turn may delegate it to other team members or advisers.

News Articles - 29 09 2019

Managing Millennials in Business

If you have a business, it is a safe bet that you employ millennials, and are likely to hire more. They are rapidly becoming the labour market’s biggest pool. Millennials have developed a bad reputation - entitled, uncommitted, difficult - but that doesn’t have to be your experience. Up your millennial management game and see good results, not social stereotypes.

News Articles - 22 09 2019

Cyber Roundup 2019 (PKF International)

The following is a rundown of some key cyber events that have happened internationally during 2019. We welcome your comments, insights and questions.

News Articles - 12 09 2019

Moving on from cheques - An update from the IRD

Cheque usage continues to decline every year. Last year cheques only accounted for 5% of payments to Inland Revenue and some people who used cheques also used other payment methods. From 1 March 2020, Inland Revenue will no longer be accepting cheques if customers have an alternative payment option available. This includes post-dated cheques (cheques dated after 1 March 2020)

News Articles - 26 08 2019

2019 Xero Awards

We didn’t end up winning the “Xero National Partner of Year Award” in Wellington last week, but are proud to have made the finals. The process made us very aware that PKF NZ and our member firms, nationally and internationally, are doing some awesome stuff and Xero is very much central to these efforts!

News Articles - 08 08 2019

Congratulations PKFNZ!

PKFNZ are pleased to announce we are finalists in the 2019 Xero awards under the category National Partner of the Year. Prizes will be awarded in Wellington on the 22nd August.

News Articles - 06 08 2019

Ring-fencing residential rental property losses – legislation at last!

After what seems like an eternity of legislative drafting and rumours, legislation removing the ability for residential property investors to offset residential property losses against other income (for example salary/wages), was enacted on 26 June 2019. The changes apply retrospectively from the start of the 2019/20 income year, which is 1 April 2019 for most taxpayers. With Capital Gains Tax off the table, it would seem these rules are here to stay for the foreseeable future.

News Articles - 05 08 2019

What to consider when buying an investment property

Keen to get into the property market as an investor? Before you start looking, you need to understand that what you’re looking for in a house to occupy may be different to an investment property.

News Articles - 29 07 2019

Tax saving strategies for agricultural businesses

Accountants are always looking for ways to add value for our rural clients. That doesn’t often come in the form of operational advice, the purview of farm consultants. But tax saving advice is a topic we know inside out and one that is sure to grab farmers’ undivided attention. Most farming business have bank debt and therefore any chance to defer or save tax increases farmers’ abilities to pay down debt, save interest or alternatively, reinvest tax savings in the business, creating future gains.

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